Asmodei - City of Heroes
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About the HC License

There is much discussion around the subject of the Homecoming License. Many people are wondering if this means other servers are going to be closing. While I cannot answer for other servers, I can explicitly state that unless NCSoft themselves approach me with a valid request to cease operating, then Asmodei server is staying put. If Homecoming has indeed got a license, then congratulations to them, but being pragmatic, we have to remember that the 'Rogue' server community, of which Homecoming was part of, operated for 6-7 years without any licensing or permission from NCSoft and most of our servers have done so at cost, without requesting or demanding any level of donations or payment. So until I know anything to the contrary, for me... it is business as usual. This server gets the least players, so I doubt it is high on NCSoft's radar or hitlist and I host this server more for my own peace of mind, as I refuse to ever allow another organisation to have the ability to take away my city of heroes experience like NCSoft did in 2012.

Peacebringer : fully tinted now

When I was checking out the Peacebringer AT in character creation I discovered that two of his powers were not tinting correctly. Solar Flare and Thermal Shield. The good news is that both are now fixed and everyone can tint them to their liking.

Some shameless advertising

As I become more familiar with the map-editor and the processes associated with creating custom maps etc... I will be looking at adding more content such as utility npcs, portals as well as some shameless advertising. You will see some billboards in Mercy Island and Atlas Park which will direct players to our Discord Server. I may also start adding advertising for other servers and non-CoH related advertisments too.

Vampyre gets a facelift

The Vampyre archetype has had a slight facelift. The [WIP - Do not use] tag has been removed from its name and several of his powers have been changed to have dark red initial tints. There are still some powers that need to be tinkered with and adjusted, they will be looked at in coming weeks.

Circle of Thorns Belts now available

Today we have released new content to the live servers giving players access to the Circle of Thorns belt options. The Lieutenant version of the belt sports 2 large red gems, while the more brazen Boss belt sports the red gems accompanied by a large purple gem. The metalwork of the belts are tintable.