Welcome to Asmodei - City of Heroes

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Welcome to Asmodei - City of Heroes. Asmodei Server group hosts a number of game servers

  • Neverwinter Nights EE (World of Aeoria) - In Development
  • Starbound - Current
  • City of Heroes - Current

We invite you to join our Discord community and play on some of the servers we host above.

You can use this website to Register your City of Heroes account in order to join our server.

To begin downloading Asmodei - City of Heroes: Please download a launcher from the list below - the recommended launcher for Windows is 'Sunrise' launcher. Mac support is not guaranteed.

After you have downloaded a launcher - you will need to add a configuration to the launcher and point it at our Manifest url - which is listed below

  • https://cityofheroes.asmodei.net/Manifest/Index/.xml

Our shards are running the following versions

  • Asmodei (Live Server) : 2400.202201182344.1
  • Ragnarok (QA Server) : 2400.202201182344.1

Player Accounts: 304

Characters Created: 324

Characters Active: 0

Heroes Active: 0

Villains Active: 0

Online since: 1/18/2022

Zones Running: 65

Zones Crashed Since Start: 0